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"Little Girl Lost And Found"
 ~ A&M Records

The Garden Club was a one single studio group comprised of Ruthann Friedman and Tom Shipley.  At the time of this recording Tom was on the verge of forming Brewer & Shipley, and Ruthann was just about to write "Windy" for The Association. 


Tom Shipley recalls his collaboration with Friedman.  "At the time I was writing "Time and Changes" I was writing and recording with Ruthann Friedman. We would often write in David Crosby’s basement. We recorded a song, “Little Girl Lost and Found” written by the guy [Tandyn Almer] who wrote “Along Comes Mary.”  The song was released

  under the group name The Garden Club.  In a bit of irony: I was supposed to do some writing one evening with Ruthann to help her finish a song she was working on. Instead I opted to write with Michael that day. The song we [Tom & Michael] were working on was "She Thinks She’s a Woman."  Ruthann finished her song herself.  It was 'Windy.' I sang with her on the demo. Of course it shot up the charts. Then the Poor’s "Time and Changes" was released with a lot of buzz. A big add in Billboard. It was shooting up the charts. Like Ruthann I was headed to hitsville! I was making it in Hollywood! Hold on. The disc jockeys go on strike and the LA radio stations go to oldies for a month. So much for "Time and Changes." The buzz was over."

"That is where I learned everything I ever needed to know about Hollywood and the music business. And why I never again put my faith in anything having to do with the music business save for Brewer and Shipley. Once we got rolling I knew we could find an audience that would support our music and keep us fed and clothed. We could always live out of our VWs. As far as hits were concerned, that was something that only the business could make happen and their reasoning was beyond me. All we could do was make the music and count on our fans to keep coming to the shows. Which they have done for 45 years and for which I will feel forever blessed."

In 2006 "Little Girl Lost And Found" was unearthed and included on a CD collection of rare Ruthann Friedman recordings, A Hurried Life.  In a 2009 it was included in a box set of rare songs entitled Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968.



           "Little Girl Lost & Found"


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Tom Shipley Bio