She Thinks She's A Woman


She turns her head with a look that’s saying

This is no time for playing


Leaving her comb having finished with her hair

And placing her flowers on the chair

She gives all knowing glances


She turns her face and she’s having fun

With guests arriving one by one

She looks to see that there’s no one told

Of dresses lying worn and old under her stained glass table


Bring her bits of painted glass to make her smile

If you can make the feeling last you can stay a while

‘Cause that’s the lady’s style

And she thinks she’s a woman


Little Girl


She goes to bed for the party’s over

No one to look her over, everyone’s gone


Little Girl

Little Girl


Dreaming of tomorrow night and what she’ll wear

Standing in the candlelight will she compare to all the ladies there

And she thinks she’s a woman

Down In LA


written by Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley
       1967 Good Sam Music/BMI



"She Thinks She's A Woman"


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